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Something is wrong with Cassandra Clemm, an influencer who has built her brand by peddling vulnerable and raw reflections on her mental wellness journey. 

Her pathological need to perform her “self” has grown so strong that she no longer can control it -- and it begins to control her. Will any of her devoted fans recognize what is happening and help her before it’s too late? Or will they celebrate her honest depiction of her mental deterioration? Or will they turn on her once she can no longer supply them with the same hollow daily affirmations they’ve become reliant on? 


#NeverAlone is an interactive instagram installation that investigates the dangers of performative vulnerability, the strained relationship between influencers and their followers, and the complexities of the manifestations of mental illness. The project rewards those who pay close attention as there are clues and Easter eggs hidden throughout her Instagram page.


Story created by Chloe Cole, Sabina Friedman-Seitz and Anna Miles. Script by Chloe Cole, directed by Anna Miles and performed by Sabina Friedman-Seitz, presented in association with Beating of Wings: An Artist Collective. Click here for full project info. 

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