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Thank you to everyone who joined us for and supported Our Feet Off the Ground in May!

Keep your eyes out for what's next with BoW!

watch the full show on YouTube:

watch the show highlight reel:

Our Feet Off the Ground is a brand new immersive feminist dance show drawing from the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, including such familiar classics as The Little Mermaid, The Dryad, and The Red Shoes. The show darkly reimagines these classic tales, intersecting their language and themes with the medium of dance as a vehicle for reckoning with the perils and passions of inhabiting a female body. With choreography and narrative developed through collaborative devising, Our Feet Off the Ground explores the expansiveness of desire and the social punishments incurred when desire is deemed too much. Our Feet Off the Ground will be performed in a site-specific outdoor location, inspired by Andersen’s imagery connecting woods and wilderness to the boundlessness of the human soul.

promo photos by andrea decker

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