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Future Project

Our goals to keep telling our "Sad Tale"-

to read our project pitch packet, click here! thank you for your interest in this powerful story.

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A Sad Tale's Best for Winter

Written and Directed by Anna Miles

Produced by Valerie Larsen 

Composed and Music Directed by Valerie Larsen

Choreographed by Himerria Wortham

Assistant Directed by Miranda Clement

Stage Managed by Nicki Heskin

Tickets pay what you can- reserve here:

William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale could be said to ask the question: “how can we forgive?”

But what about the times when we can’t forgive? Is it possible to move forward, and to heal, in those moments when the catastrophic violence can’t be erased with miraculous forgiveness?

Through text both classic and original and through song, dance, and spoken word, A Sad Tale’s Best for Winter, a new adaption of The Winter's Tale by Anna Miles, explores these questions by interrupting and disrupting Shakespeare’s text- bringing the story into a fantasy world where women live isolated from men, where bears hide behind trees in relentless pursuit, and where a new generation struggles to undo the centuries worth of fear, pain, and violence in the hopes of creating a new, better world. 

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watch our promo video here

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pictures and video by Chris Meissner
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