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an artist collective




Our Mission

Beating of Wings is committed to building a community which supports women and other underrepresented artists in their journeys to create, develop, and produce vital, socially conscious work. 

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Website photos by Chassey Bennet @chasseyphotography

What's On Now

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an interactive instagram installation

Something is wrong with Cassandra Clemm, an influencer who has built her brand by peddling vulnerable and raw reflections on her mental wellness journey. 

Her pathological need to perform her “self” has grown so strong that she no longer can control it -- and it begins to control her. Will any of her devoted fans recognize what is happening and help her before it’s too late? Or will they celebrate her honest depiction of her mental deterioration? Or will they turn on her once she can no longer supply them with the same hollow daily affirmations they’ve become reliant on? 


#NeverAlone is an interactive instagram installation that investigates the dangers of performative vulnerability, the strained relationship between influencers and their followers, and the complexities of the manifestations of mental illness. The project rewards those who pay close attention as there are clues and Easter eggs hidden throughout her Instagram page.


Story created by Chloe Cole, Sabina Friedman-Seitz and Anna Miles. Script by Chloe Cole, directed by Anna Miles and performed by Sabina Friedman-Seitz, presented in association with Beating of Wings: An Artist Collective. 

click here for more info

to experience the installation at your own pace and on your own time, click here to follow @cassandra_clemm on Instagram

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Fireplace Phoenix Songs

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At Beating of Wings, our dual goal is to create vital art while also fostering a community which supports the artists who are working to make that art. While we’re all struggling with the unpredictability that the coronavirus crisis has imposed upon our daily lives - between gigs and paychecks lost, events cancelled, the transition to working from home, the family tensions, the loss of routine, the concern for vulnerable family members, and the loneliness of social distancing - now more than ever we need a thread of humanity, creativity, and community that we can hold onto. We can’t come together the way we usually do, but we can work together to create a new model of coming together: we may feel caged, but our wings are not clipped.


So please enjoy this digital Beating of Wings event, “Fireplace Phoenix Songs.” “Phoenix Songs” was our first ever official Beating of Wings event, held in February 2019 at Val Larsen’s home in Pasadena. Then, we joined together to tell stories, sing songs, and share other performances around the theme of “rising from the ashes.” We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, sharing the things that held us back from reaching our true potential, and then vowing to rise up and beyond those hardships. The evening ended with all of us, audience included, burning pieces of paper on which those hardships were written, symbolizing our commitment to continue moving forward in glorious passion and revolution. 


This year, the collective has created a remote, online version of Phoenix Songs: from our own homes, from our metaphorical fireplaces, from the depths of our hearts and our homestead hearths, we open up with one another (and with you), joining in a communal experience of song, storytelling, and stir-crazy silliness in order to rediscover the beauty in the world around us. Tune in to see what remarkable work the artists of Beating of Wings are bringing this time, all from the safety of your own home, in the convenience of your own time.  

A Sad Tale's Best for Winter


video and pictures by Chris Meissner

Thank you for joining us on Sunday, November 17th at 6:30 in Pasadena for our workshop production of "A Sad Tale's Best for Winter"- for more information on our future plans for the play, including our digital production pitch packet, click here

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presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Association Los Angeles Self-Produced Project Code

Performed one night only, Sunday, November 17th at 6:30 pm

Lawrence Hall (the upstairs studio) at A Noise Within Theatre in Pasadena

Space courtesy of the Noise Now Program 

Free garage parking available at theater

Free refreshments provided 

William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale could be said to ask the question: “how can we forgive?”

But what about the times when we can’t forgive? Is it possible to move forward, and to heal, in those moments when the catastrophic violence can’t be erased with miraculous forgiveness?

Through text both classic and original and through song, dance, and spoken word, A Sad Tale’s Best for Winter, a new adaption of The Winter's Tale by Anna Miles, explores these questions by interrupting and disrupting Shakespeare’s text- bringing the story into a fantasy world where women live isolated from men, where bears hide behind trees in relentless pursuit, and where a new generation struggles to undo the centuries worth of fear, pain, and violence in the hopes of creating a new, better world. 

About Noise Now:

Noise Now is an opportunity to expand our family by engaging with our neighboring communities and peer organizations. Noise Now aims to illuminate and activate underrepresented populations, communities of color, young people, and all others not equitably represented at the theatre. 

Beating of Wings was excited to be given the space to develop this play by the Noise Now program at A Noise Within Theater.


presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Association Los Angeles Self-Produced Project Code

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