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Take Flight: Goals Night

AKA, "Flock Gatherings"

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"Take Flight: Goals Night," formerly known as the "Flock Gatherings," are monthly creative meetings facilitated by Val Larsen. The program is an integral part of our mission and our development- they are structured, safe and supportive places for artists (particularly female and other marginalized artists) to find focus, accountability, and inspiration in their journeys to make new, vital work. This is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself to get started on or take the next step with whatever you’re working on, creatively or professionally, in a supportive, structured, and women-lead environment. And of course, there will be snacks!!!! 

What is Goals Night?

Next Goals Night:

Goals Night is on a temporary hiatus while we gear up for our fall production, but it'll be back and better than ever in the winter with a shiny new structure! Keep checking here for more info!

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