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Divine: Songs for a New Moon

Divine: Songs for a New Moon

A concert event celebrating the coming of the new moon - and the new beginnings and new opportunities that come along with it - featuring original musical arrangements by Val Larsen, singing and storytelling by Anna Miles, Jennifer Foster, Robyn Roth, Jessica Ward, Corbyjane Troya, Amy Kneepkens, Jenna Gillespie and Katie DeShan, and featuring the musical talents and original music of Val Larsen, Jenna Gillespie, and Jennifer Foster. With original text and direction by Anna Miles, original choreography by Rebecca Gans Reavis danced by Alisha Ing, Veronica Musselman, and Teresa Giltner, and featuring stand-up comedy and hosting by Katie DeShan. 

Performed Wednesday, July 31st 2019 in the Hollywood Hills

Co-Hosted by Robyn Roth

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photo by Chris Meissner

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